Hello I am a multidisciplinary creative artist with a focus on graphic design (packaging design) and a passion for video production & travel photography.
A one man studio crafting beautiful experiences. I create beautiful designs that comply with the industry.

I started my career in designing at a very young age. Taught myself a lot many things through my journey. Video editing is one amongst them. I understood very early in life, that learning is a never ending curve. You should learn something new everyday of your life till you breath your last.

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Simplicity is great...
I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things.”
Lindon Leader

A photo is a vision of how the photographer sees the world. I see the world differently and that reflects in my photos.

Logo & Identity

A logo that gets inscribed in memory is the best logo. Simplicity, Clarity and Soundness are the motto of a good logo design.

Packaging Design

A good packaging sells product. If a buyer connects with the packaging, he won't refrain from buying the product.

Publicity Design

A first look of any movie is the publicity poster. A well made poster will raise eyebrows and curiousness for the movie.

Marketing Collateral Design

Along with logo and brand, marketing collateral is equally important to educate the customers about your products or services.

Video Production

The next big thing is here - Video. You see videos everywhere, videos generate more traffic and visibility for your product/service.

Packaging Design
Video Production


I am creative

I like to view things differently, always picking up angles that may seem absolute.


I am naughty

Naughty is as naughty does, to stay creative you have to be young at heart and what better way to stay young; be naughty.


I am business man

Think like a consumer, ideate like a business man and design like a master. Combine the 3 and you get a design that sells.


I am hungry

Stay hungry, stay foolish! These words by Steve Jobs always ring in my ears. Always hungry for knowledge and ever ready to learn.

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